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Main Services

Labour Contracting

Whether you’re looking for skilled and experienced engineers, computer technicians, crane operators or general labourers, BTTL can secure and deliver the best person for the job. Supplementing staff for peak periods, minimizing training costs. We’ll take care of all the details, including employee payment, benefits and any union contracting or negotiations required. With hundreds of staff under contract, we can ensure our clients maintain maximum flexibility whatever or wherever the need.

Specialised Equipment / Sourcing

Energy expansion, production and exploration projects are capital intensive and equipment failures and breakdowns are common. At BTTL, we can provide our clients with specialised heavy and/or light equipment leases, on terms that are flexible and fit for purpose and budget. Cranes, forklifts, trucks, compressors, and more can now be shipped anywhere in the world. Depend on us to limit down-time or to plan your entire equipment requisition program. Specialised heavy and/or light equipment leases. We can provide cranes, forklifts, trucks, compressors, and more.

Logistics / Logistics Services / Supply Chain

BTTL specializes in getting the job done, sometimes under trying conditions; efficient planning and scheduling are second nature to us. We can provide our clients total logistics services, from initial concept and sourcing through to shipping, tracking and warehousing. Vessel husbandry Project Management Early contractor integration (ECI) with front end planning and project management controls. Rollout and operation of a new facility to the running and staffing of an offshore drilling platform.


BTTL offers complete infrastructure development of warehouses, offices, pipe yards, lay-down areas, and customized project offices. We have a wealth of experience with land development and construction partly attributed to the establishment and development of the Snubbing Industrial Estate in Galeota.

Project Management

BTTL can facilitate all aspects of your project management requirements; from the rollout and operation of a new facility to the running and staffing of an offshore drilling platform. We encourage and have been successful with ECI (Early Contractor Integration). Whatever your need, we’ll get it done!

Extended Services


In addition to our specialised equipment sourcing, we provide rentals for a range of heavy equipment for industrial needs.


We arrange for full service transportation, from meet and greet at the airport to full VIP movement.


With over 20 years experience in real estate and construction we know how to handle any of your company's office, equipment storage or general industrial real estate needs. We are present in a number of locations spread across Trinidad and Tobago.


With a strong history of success in managing customs and immigration, we have been providing innovative turnkey services to top tier clients throughout the Caribbean for over 20 years. We provide immediate access to heavy lift, deep draft berths, covered and uncovered storage facilities close to quayside.

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